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quarta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2010

Cal Tjader - Solar Heat (1968)


Cal Tjader
"Solar Heat"
Released 1968 on Skye Records (SK-1)
Reissued 1994 on DCC Jazz Compact Classics (DJZ-618)

1. Ode To Billy Joe 2:55 (Gentry)
2. Never My Love 2:48 (D. R. Addrissi)
3. Felicidade 2:35 (Jobim , De Moraes)
4. Mambo Sangria 2:38 (Tjader)
5. Here 3:25 (David MacKay)
6. Fried Bananas 2:36 (McFarland)
7. Amazon 2:25 (Donato)
8. La Bamba 2:56 (Tjader)
9. Eye Of The Devil 2:16 (McFarland)
10. Solar Heat 2:30 (Tjader)

Arrangements by Gary McFarland

This is a short but sweet record by the still-under-appreciated Cal Tjader. Two things happened to me this week in relation to this album. I found myself listening to this in my car, twice on the same day (a rarity in itself), and then later received an email from a blog follower who mentioned that he first came to this blog expecting to find lots of albums featuring the vibraphone. And that got me reflecting -- DAMN! There really aren't that many records featuring the vibes at Flabbergasted Vibes. How did that happen? And particularly - Cal Tjader has been on my "short list" for a post since the beginning, but alas, that list has grown ever longer since then.

So here it is, the first of several Cal Tjader posts, and this one is a solid winner. Just look at the lineup of musicians, to start with:

Vibraphone - Cal Tjader, Gary McFarland
Upright Bass - Bobby Rodriguez
Electric Bass - Chuck Rainey
Electric Piano, Harpsichord - Mike Abene
Organ - João Donato
Percussion - Orestes Vilato , Ray Barreto
Drums - Grady Tate (who is left off the album jacket, but credited in the liner notes...)

"Solar Heat" was the first of a handful of albums that Cal recorded and released (in rapid succession) for the short-lived Skye label, for which this record was the inauguration. The title cut is one bad-ass piece of soul-jazz groove that does everything exactly right in performance, production, conception, and pure coolness. I almost feel like you don't deserve to preview the track before hearing the whole album, that you have not earned the right... But then I discovered the tune was released as a 7-inch single anyway so my sanctimonious fanfare comes crashing down. Check it out and watch the record spin:

Still not convinced you need to embrace this record like a lost orphan? Well then check out this uptempo version of Vinicius & Jobim's "Felicidade." It shouldn't work as well as it does - it's upbeat happy foot-tapping buoyancy is practically the antithesis of bossa nova, enough to make João Donato's comadres back home roll their eyes and make jokes about him as a male piano-tickling Carmen Miranda. (*note: I have no proof that this ever happened.)

Speaking of things that don't work, I always hated the song "Never My Love." For the first few bars of this version, I held out a hope that Cal Tjader could rescue the tune from the schmaltz graveyard in the sonic netherworld to which it has been banished in my universe, but even he is not powerful enough to inject integrity into this godawful tune. This would be more forgivable if the song didn't follow a good version of Bobbie Gentry's "Ode to Billy Joe" which is a GREAT song that nobody can ruin. Well you can't have everything, I suppose.

Other noteworthy nuggets are João Donato's own 'Amazon', another smoking jazz-bossa, and the two Gary McFarland compositions "Fried Bananas" and "Eye of the Devil," which was written about McFarland's membership in and subsequent disillusionment with Anton Lavey's Church of Satan. But what is more demonic about all this is - DOUBLE VIBES PENETRATION! Two vibraphones, at the SAME TIME!

Did I mention that Ray Barreto and Bobby Rodriguez are on this album? Those guys are great. I really like those guys. Oh, and Chuck Rainey. He is a swell guy too.

This album's rarity was briefly alleviated by VampiSoul issuing it together with "Cal Tjader Sounds Off on Burt Bacharach", but if I am not mistaken that disc is out of print. I have never had that pressing but this DCC reissue almost certainly sounds much much better in terms of audio quality.

5 comentários:

  1. Thanks for Give me the possibility to listen this unknow album for me of the great Cal Tjader ... Peace

  2. Hey,thank you for this!!
    Not only for this gem but for that great write-up.
    your efforts are always appreciated:)

  3. Sorry to bother you with such a silly question: where can I find the password? I'm eager to listen to this. Thank you.

  4. Wow! Great and thanks again!


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